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I have a confession to make to you all. The reason why I am a Jessica Alba fan is not only because of her movies or TV-Series. I also like her low profile attitude and her efforts to make good things, to make a change in the world. She really seems like a really good person that you want to have in your life.

I do not mean that she do not want to earn money, she has done magazine covers and advertising campaigns like every other celebrity. But when other celebrities put their names on a perfume she also takes the time to make a political campaigns and starts a company with non-toxic home products. She is also involved in charity and I admire her work for making a difference in the world. Of course I think she has made some good movies and TV-Series as well, that is where I first saw her. But like I said before, that is not the main reason to why I am such a huge Jessica Alba fan.

I started this site about Jessica Alba to make more people now about here and how wonderful she seems. But you have to think that celebrities also are people just like you and med. I think it must be very demanding to be a celebrity. I often whine at celebrities, but it ca not be that easy to be reviewed in detail every day and have people writing about what you eat or what you wear. For Jessica Alba it means that websites are blogging about what clothes she wears and where you can buy it. It also means that other people wants to have the same haircut, eat the same food and drink the same water brand. You often also get a lot of critic as a celebrity, and often it can be really mean. Of course I think celebrities also gets sad when they are judged by every simple move they make. No I myself prefer to be quite anonymous and live my life as I have done my entire life. But it is so good that there is people like Jessica, who really fits in to the celebrity life.

I think many celebrities do not think about how much influence they have and how they can use it, other than expanding their own brand or to make more money. That is why I like Jessica Alba. She puts in the effort to make a difference, not only to make money. She does not have to, since she has earned so much money during her career, but she does it anyway. I think you know by now that it’s one of the reasons that I like her haha! Otherwise you will have to read all of my blog posts once more and perhaps you will get it then 😉 No I am only kidding with you, but it is nice to see so many of Jessica fans here and I hope you like that I told you a bit of why I like her!

I hope you will have a great day! / Ellen

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