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Today I will finally tell you about my party night with the Jessica Alba guys I met at a party for a while ago. It was a fantastic night with my newfound friends. We kept to the plan and went out for dinner first, then we walked over to the casino to play some slots, roulette, black jack and poker.

I had practiced at roulette and black jack and it went ok for me. I even won some money at the black jack table! At the casino I found bingo machines. It was really fun and after some research I have now found a page with tips at online sites that offers online bingo similar to the game I found at the casino. So I will definitely try to play bingo again!

When the guys headed for the poker tables I decided to play some slots instead. I didn’t feel that I was ready for live poker yet, but some day I want to try it.

After the casino visit we went to a night club and danced and afterwards we took a taxi home to one of the guys to see the Jessica Alba movies we had decided to watch.

The first movie we saw was Sin City, a movie I had seen before and that I like. The other guys liked it as well and we decided to give it four points of five. The other movie we saw was Entourage, more about that movie in another blog post. I hadn’t seen it before and I will never see it again. The guys liked it (it might have something to do with the lightly dressed women in the movie) so the movie got 4,5 points of five although I gave it 1 point.

The last movie we saw, and then we were really tired, was Machete. I had seen the movie before and I like it. It has action and Robert De Niro in one of the main roles, but despite this we dozed through the movie and we decided to not score this movie. It wouldn’t be fair. But it´s interesting how similar Sin City and Machete is regarding the plot. Both movies is about revenge and political corruption. Another thing they have in common is that Robert Rodriguez have directed both of the movies.

Jessica Alba have made several movies together with the director Robert Rodriguez, except for Sin City and Machete and their sequels he have also directed Spy Kids 4 in which Alba acts as an agent.

In total the party night was a real success and I hope we will meet again and do something similar. Next time we might watch a season of the TV-Series the Dark Angel that Jessica Alba got a Golden Globe Nomination for. It would also be fun to see Fantastic Four and the sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the silver surfer.

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