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Welcome back to this blog about one of our best actors in the world! Jessica Alba
I absolutely love her! And i guess that you also do that because you keep visiting me and the blog. As you may have seen i have a page where i have written that you can contact me if you want to do a guest post on my blog. I have gotten a blogpost from one of you who wanted to tell us a few things about Jessica Alba that everybody doesn’t know. It is an email from a writer that calls himself “the banana-bread man”. This is what he has written for us:

Hi all fans of Jessica Alba. I have also had a flu of the Alba-fever. It has actually been in my body for a couple of years now. I know how you all feel, it is an amazing thing to follow an actor or celebrity. I fell in love with Jessica Alba when i watched the Fantastic Four the first time. When she was turned into Invisible Woman i knew it was love at first sight. She was so incredible in the movie and was super beautiful. After i saw the movie I started searching around online to find out some more about Jessica Alba, her life and what she has done before. I binge watched all episodes of Dark Angel and i understand why she got all awards for best breakthrough. Yes, that was a little bit about my crush on Jessica Alba. I know it seems creepy but it is not that kind of love where you stalk the celebrity or want to spend the rest of your life with her, i know that she is taken and has children with another man. Of course it would have been great, but we don’t know each other. I know the Jessica that she is on screen, but not the one she is private and that is something that you have to respect. Now i have to tell you something that i came to think of when you wrote about all the different awards that Jessica has gotten. She has also been nominated for best celebrity poker player at an evnt where celebrities played poker for a good cause. She didn’t win but she was stunning when she took part in the competition. / Banana bread man

After i read this letter from mr banana-bread man i decided that if Jessica Alba can play poker then so am i going to! I don’t really know the basis but i learned everything on this site that explained it very simple so that even beginners like me could understand! I don’t know if i will win, but hey, if Alba doesn’t win, i don’t have to. I will tell you how it went when i have tried! Please keep writing to me if you have some fun facts about Jessica or has a story that i can post!

Until the next time, kisses for you in the Alba army!


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