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It’s been a while, but a after the summer i am back with more information about the best actor in the world!
Time for movie talk! Jessica Alba has participated in several movies, some of them are good, some of them are ok, and some are just bad. Today I will tell you about two of the movies, I start with the good one.

Sin City

I have mentioned Sin City earlier in this blog post. It´s the movie that Jessica Alba has done that has the best rating at the film site IMDB. Sin City is rated 8,1 of 10 at IMDB. At rottentomatoes, an other review site, the film has got 3,3 of 5 in average rating and 78 percent of the viewers liked the movie.

In 2014 Sin City got an sequel that didn’t get as high ratings as the first movie. Right now it only has 6,5 of 10 in rating at IMDB.

The movie Sin City is based on a graphic novel with the same name written by Franck Miller. Miller was also part of the directors team in the movie together with Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. He is also one of the producers of the movie that have several superstars in the roles. Jessica Alba is just one of them, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Michael Madsen are some others but the list could be made much longer!

It´s a really dark movie in all possible ways. It´s both filmed in black and white (except from some color elements) and the story is painfully dark involving a lot of killings and other horrible things, I can´t say more because I don´t want to spoil anything if you haven´t seen the movie). I really understand why this movie is placed in the category neo-noir action crime anthology.

The thing I like the most with this film, it´s the filming. It feels like you´re in a comic book.

Sin City has won several awards. Mickey Rourke won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor as I mentioned earlier. He also won the CFCA Award for Best Supporting Actor. In Cannes Film Festival Robert Rodriguez won the award Technical Grand Prize. Jessica Alba got the MTV Movie Award for Sexiest Performance. These are just a few of the awards that Sin City won.

Now till one of the bad movies. Do you remember that I wrote about a party night with Jessica Alba movie marathon I should have with some couple of guys I met at a party? Now we have had that Alba Marathon and one of the films we saw was Entourage. I hadn’t seen the movie before, and afterwards I wished that I never had seen it.

First of all, Jessica Alba only had a minor role in the movie. She acted as herself. That was boring. Secondly, the movie was so full of stereotypes and the whole story was boring. I don´t understand why the movie is one of the best rated Alba-movies at IMDB. I don´t recommend anyone to see it. The only one that was good in the film was Jeremy Piven in his role as Ari Gold, a film agent.

Jessica Alba wasn´t the only celebrity in this movie. It was full of famous people that acted themselves. Some of them was David Arquette, Mark Wahlberg, Mike Tyson and Warren Buffett

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