Jessica Alba party!

Recently I was at a party. It was really fun, we sang karaoke and fried different things in a fryer. In the late hours I told everybody about my newly started blog about Jessica Alba and to my great joy some of them asked if they could write a post about Alba in my blog. Do I have to say that it was only men who was interested in this blog? 🙂

Now I look forward to receive a couple of interesting blog posts from these men. But i think it will take some time because they really wanted it to be good. Instead i am going to tell you a little bit about our plans for the future! I hope you think it sounds like a great idea.

One of the men came up with the idea that all of us should have a real party night together and end it with a Jessica Alba movie marathon. We have planned it all in detail and the party night shall start with dinner at a restaurant, then we will move on to the casino and later we will walk to a nigh club nearby for drinking and dancing. Before we head home we buy some quite greasy hamburgers and french fries at a snack bar. Well at home it’s time for the Jessica Alba marathon!

The movies we plan to see are the three ones that have the highest rating at IMDB, except for Knocked Up where she only has a minor role as herself.

As you can see in the list at IMDB Sin City has the best rating of all the movies with 8,1 in rating. So that film is a must to see on our movie night. The next best rating has Entourage and Machete, they both have 6,7 in ratings at IMDB. So I think it will be these three films we are going to choose if nothing unexpected happens. In Entourage she also only has a small role, but that is a kind of movie that we will enjoy together so we will take it anyway.

I am really looking forward to our party night! There’s just one problem, I have never visited a real casino before. I have played some slots online before, but I don´t know how to play roulette or black jack for example. The guys also talked about playing some poker, and that’s nothing I can play
either. So now I have to learn how to play black jack, roulette and poker before it´s time for the party night! I will take help from the information here.

snacks to the jessica alba movie

The movie I look most forward to see is Sin City. I love that film! Except for Jessica Alba
the role list in the movie contains a number of big names like Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis an Elijah Wood. Mickey Rourke won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Mary in Sin City. The thing I like most with the film is black and white theme with the coloring effects.


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