Answers to the quiz

answers for the quiz

As i promised yesterday, here comes the answers to the Jessica Alba Quiz!

1. Which year is Jessica born?
Answer: c, she was born 1981, april 28

2. Where is she born?
Answer: a, she was born in California in Pomona. But her parents moved a lot and during her childhood they lived in seveal states in the USA

3. Which was her first movie?
Answer: d, Camp Nowhere was her film debut. The movie was released in 1994.

4. For which Tv-series was she nominated for a Golden Globe?
Answer: c, Dark Angel which was produced by James Cameron and Charles H Eglee. She was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2001 in the category ”Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series – Drama” for her role as Max Guevara. She din´t win, the award winner was Sela Ward for her performance in Once and Again.

5. In 2005 she won an award, which?
Answer: b, Young Hollywood Awards in the category Superstar of Tomorrow.

6. In which movie does she play the role as Cam Wexler?
Answer: c, Good Luck Chuck. The movie was released in 2007 and Jessica Alba was nominated to the less flattering Razzie Award for her role as the marine biologist Cam Wexler. She was nominated in two categories, Worst Actress and Worst Screen Combo together with Dan Cook.

7. In which of these films has Jessica Alba not participated in?
Answer: d, We are the Night.

8. What´s the name of the company that Jessica Alba is a co-funder of?
Answer: c, Honest Company that was founded in 2011.

9. She suffers from Asthma?
Answer: a, it´s true. Jessica Alba has asthma.

10. The company Jessica Alba co-founded sells:
Answer: b, supplies for home and personal care. In the assortment you will find diapers, cleaning products, make up and more stuff.

11. She currently lives in:
Answer: d, Beverly Hills in USA.

12. Alba dislike Tequila
Aswer: b, false. Jessica Alba likes tequila and it´s not the only Mexican speciality she likes, she is also fond of nachos.

13. Her brother is an actor as well?
Answer: a, true. Her brother is Joshua Alba and he has participated in both movies and TV-Series.

14. Jessica has tattoes
Answer: a, true. Jessica has several tattoes. For example at her wrist, neck, lower back and arm.

How big fan are you?

0-3 points – Beginner
You are most likely not a fan of Jessica Alba and you have much interesting facts to discover about this complex women!

4-7 points – Okay
You have some knowledge about Jessica Alba and her life and career, but you have still a lot to learn! You have probably just seen a few of her movies and a couple of tv episodes of Dark Angel.

8-11 points – You´re a fan!
You are well updated and informed about the career of Jessica Alba and you´ve probably seen her a lot in movies and TV-series.

12-14 points – Hard core fan
You are a real hard core fan, I don´t think you can be a bigger fan of Jessica Alba.

I hope you all enjoyed this quiz! See you soon.

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