Jessica Alba quiz!


How much do you know about Jessica Alba the actress? Are you a hard core fan?

1. Which year is Jessica born?
a) 1975
b) 1979
c) 1981
d) 1985

2. Where is she born?
a) California

3. Which was her first movie?
a) Never Been Kissed
b) Venus Rising
c) The Sleeping Dictionary
d) Camp Nowhere

4. For which Tv-series was she nominated for a Golden Globe?
a) Flipper
b) The Spoils of Babylon
c) Dark Angel
d) Beverly Hills

5. In 2005 she won an award, which?
a) MTV Movie Awards, Best female performance
b) Young Hollywood Awards, Superstar of Tomorrow
c) Golden Globe, Best Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture made for Television
d) ALMA Award, Breakthrough Actress of the Year.

6. In which movie does she play the role as Cam Wexler?
a) Meet Bill
b) Valentine´s Day
c) Good Luck Chuck
d) Awake

7. In which of these films has Jessica Alba not participated in?
a) Barely Lethal
b) The Love Guru
c) The veil
d) We are the Night

8. What´s the name of the company that Jessica Alba is a co-funder of?
a) Fair Company
b) Eco Company
c) Honest Company
d) Eco Smart Company

9. She suffers from Asthma?
a) true
b) false

10. The company Jessica Alba co-founded sells:
a) wine
b) supplies for home and personal care
c) flowers
d) furnitures

11. She currently lives in:
a) Toronto, Canada
b) Winnipeg, Canada
c) Canberra, Australia
d) Beverly Hills, USA

12. Alba dislike Tequila
a) true
b) false

13. Her brother is an actor as well?
a) true
b) false

14. Jessica has tattoes
a) true
b) false

In my next blog post I will tell you the correct answers for the quiz! Good luck and don´t cheat 🙂 Please share the link to this quiz if you have a friend who might be interested!

Gift idea

If you have a friend who´s a fan of Jessica Alba, then you can make a personal gift for that person. Make an Jessica Alba memory game and wrap it in a nice little box. In the memory you can use pictures of Jessica Alba, film covers or anything else that´s related to her.

To make the memory bricks more stable, you can glue the printed pictures on a cardboard.

There´s no lack of pictures of Jessica Alba on the Internet! I wonder if any other celebrity has been photographed that many times as she has. If you search on Jessica Alba at google you will be completely awash in images of her. It´s just to pick and choose among them for your memory.

The fantastic thing with Alba is that she looks completely perfect in every image. This is regardless of whether it´s party pictures or everyday pictures. There´s no wonder why people have her as a role model and want´s to copy her style in every detail.

Oops, time flies! Have to sleep now, but check out the blog tomorrow for the right answers in the quiz.

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