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It is 2017 now! Happy new year and all that, I hope that you had a great christmas vacation and that you are all well rested now for the new year that is coming. I am hoping that Jessica is going to release some sort of movie this year. According to wikipedia and imdb the latest movie she has made is called “Mechanich: Resurrection”. I haven’t heard anything about it but hopefully it will be a good one. Lately she has been doing mostly horror movies but this one i think is going to be more of an action movie.

Hi all you alba-fans out there. Today I thought I also would do I different kind of post. As you know already I absolutely love Jessica Alba and therefore I started this blog. I have gotten really inspired by this woman and how kind she is. Since I have learned so much about Jessica Alba I have also tried a few of her hobbies. I thought i should tell you about what i tried lately. I have told you before that Jessica has participated in poker for charity.

MovieSo the latest thing that I have tried was to play poker online. I found this site called pokeromega.com and decided to give it a try. I wasn’t that good and i wished that I had played with the guys when we where out on the casino. Then they could have helped me learn how to play from the beginning. But for my help I found this page on the site, it where complete guides on how to play so I could read all the rules and how to bet smart while playing. It was really super and I could actually get the money back that I was playing for. So at least i didn’t loose anything. But I am not sure if I am going to continue to play poker. It was fun to try but I don’t think I want to spend my time doing that. But since Jessica Alba had tried it I had to give it a shot. I don’t think Jessica is playing otherwise either, it feels like it was only for charity and I understand that she did it. Since she is such a loving and wonderful person.

But what about you guys, have you ever tried to play poker? And did it go well? Please leave a comment and write a little bit about then. I am waiting with excitement.

/ Ellen

Another one about my love for JA

I have a confession to make to you all. The reason why I am a Jessica Alba fan is not only because of her movies or TV-Series. I also like her low profile attitude and her efforts to make good things, to make a change in the world. She really seems like a really good person that you want to have in your life.

I do not mean that she do not want to earn money, she has done magazine covers and advertising campaigns like every other celebrity. But when other celebrities put their names on a perfume she also takes the time to make a political campaigns and starts a company with non-toxic home products. She is also involved in charity and I admire her work for making a difference in the world. Of course I think she has made some good movies and TV-Series as well, that is where I first saw her. But like I said before, that is not the main reason to why I am such a huge Jessica Alba fan.

I started this site about Jessica Alba to make more people now about here and how wonderful she seems. But you have to think that celebrities also are people just like you and med. I think it must be very demanding to be a celebrity. I often whine at celebrities, but it ca not be that easy to be reviewed in detail every day and have people writing about what you eat or what you wear. For Jessica Alba it means that websites are blogging about what clothes she wears and where you can buy it. It also means that other people wants to have the same haircut, eat the same food and drink the same water brand. You often also get a lot of critic as a celebrity, and often it can be really mean. Of course I think celebrities also gets sad when they are judged by every simple move they make. No I myself prefer to be quite anonymous and live my life as I have done my entire life. But it is so good that there is people like Jessica, who really fits in to the celebrity life.

I think many celebrities do not think about how much influence they have and how they can use it, other than expanding their own brand or to make more money. That is why I like Jessica Alba. She puts in the effort to make a difference, not only to make money. She does not have to, since she has earned so much money during her career, but she does it anyway. I think you know by now that it’s one of the reasons that I like her haha! Otherwise you will have to read all of my blog posts once more and perhaps you will get it then 😉 No I am only kidding with you, but it is nice to see so many of Jessica fans here and I hope you like that I told you a bit of why I like her!

I hope you will have a great day! / Ellen

Jessica Alba

Hello again!

Today I will finally tell you about my party night with the Jessica Alba guys I met at a party for a while ago. It was a fantastic night with my newfound friends. We kept to the plan and went out for dinner first, then we walked over to the casino to play some slots, roulette, black jack and poker.

I had practiced at roulette and black jack and it went ok for me. I even won some money at the black jack table! At the casino I found bingo machines. It was really fun and after some research I have now found a page with tips at online sites that offers online bingo similar to the game I found at the casino. So I will definitely try to play bingo again!

When the guys headed for the poker tables I decided to play some slots instead. I didn’t feel that I was ready for live poker yet, but some day I want to try it.

After the casino visit we went to a night club and danced and afterwards we took a taxi home to one of the guys to see the Jessica Alba movies we had decided to watch.

The first movie we saw was Sin City, a movie I had seen before and that I like. The other guys liked it as well and we decided to give it four points of five. The other movie we saw was Entourage, more about that movie in another blog post. I hadn’t seen it before and I will never see it again. The guys liked it (it might have something to do with the lightly dressed women in the movie) so the movie got 4,5 points of five although I gave it 1 point.

The last movie we saw, and then we were really tired, was Machete. I had seen the movie before and I like it. It has action and Robert De Niro in one of the main roles, but despite this we dozed through the movie and we decided to not score this movie. It wouldn’t be fair. But it´s interesting how similar Sin City and Machete is regarding the plot. Both movies is about revenge and political corruption. Another thing they have in common is that Robert Rodriguez have directed both of the movies.

Jessica Alba have made several movies together with the director Robert Rodriguez, except for Sin City and Machete and their sequels he have also directed Spy Kids 4 in which Alba acts as an agent.

In total the party night was a real success and I hope we will meet again and do something similar. Next time we might watch a season of the TV-Series the Dark Angel that Jessica Alba got a Golden Globe Nomination for. It would also be fun to see Fantastic Four and the sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the silver surfer.

Fan email!

Welcome back to this blog about one of our best actors in the world! Jessica Alba
I absolutely love her! And i guess that you also do that because you keep visiting me and the blog. As you may have seen i have a page where i have written that you can contact me if you want to do a guest post on my blog. I have gotten a blogpost from one of you who wanted to tell us a few things about Jessica Alba that everybody doesn’t know. It is an email from a writer that calls himself “the banana-bread man”. This is what he has written for us:

Hi all fans of Jessica Alba. I have also had a flu of the Alba-fever. It has actually been in my body for a couple of years now. I know how you all feel, it is an amazing thing to follow an actor or celebrity. I fell in love with Jessica Alba when i watched the Fantastic Four the first time. When she was turned into Invisible Woman i knew it was love at first sight. She was so incredible in the movie and was super beautiful. After i saw the movie I started searching around online to find out some more about Jessica Alba, her life and what she has done before. I binge watched all episodes of Dark Angel and i understand why she got all awards for best breakthrough. Yes, that was a little bit about my crush on Jessica Alba. I know it seems creepy but it is not that kind of love where you stalk the celebrity or want to spend the rest of your life with her, i know that she is taken and has children with another man. Of course it would have been great, but we don’t know each other. I know the Jessica that she is on screen, but not the one she is private and that is something that you have to respect. Now i have to tell you something that i came to think of when you wrote about all the different awards that Jessica has gotten. She has also been nominated for best celebrity poker player at an evnt where celebrities played poker for a good cause. She didn’t win but she was stunning when she took part in the competition. / Banana bread man

After i read this letter from mr banana-bread man i decided that if Jessica Alba can play poker then so am i going to! I don’t really know the basis but i learned everything on this site that explained it very simple so that even beginners like me could understand! I don’t know if i will win, but hey, if Alba doesn’t win, i don’t have to. I will tell you how it went when i have tried! Please keep writing to me if you have some fun facts about Jessica or has a story that i can post!

Until the next time, kisses for you in the Alba army!


Movie talk!

It’s been a while, but a after the summer i am back with more information about the best actor in the world!
Time for movie talk! Jessica Alba has participated in several movies, some of them are good, some of them are ok, and some are just bad. Today I will tell you about two of the movies, I start with the good one.

Sin City

I have mentioned Sin City earlier in this blog post. It´s the movie that Jessica Alba has done that has the best rating at the film site IMDB. Sin City is rated 8,1 of 10 at IMDB. At rottentomatoes, an other review site, the film has got 3,3 of 5 in average rating and 78 percent of the viewers liked the movie.

In 2014 Sin City got an sequel that didn’t get as high ratings as the first movie. Right now it only has 6,5 of 10 in rating at IMDB.

The movie Sin City is based on a graphic novel with the same name written by Franck Miller. Miller was also part of the directors team in the movie together with Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. He is also one of the producers of the movie that have several superstars in the roles. Jessica Alba is just one of them, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Michael Madsen are some others but the list could be made much longer!

It´s a really dark movie in all possible ways. It´s both filmed in black and white (except from some color elements) and the story is painfully dark involving a lot of killings and other horrible things, I can´t say more because I don´t want to spoil anything if you haven´t seen the movie). I really understand why this movie is placed in the category neo-noir action crime anthology.

The thing I like the most with this film, it´s the filming. It feels like you´re in a comic book.

Sin City has won several awards. Mickey Rourke won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor as I mentioned earlier. He also won the CFCA Award for Best Supporting Actor. In Cannes Film Festival Robert Rodriguez won the award Technical Grand Prize. Jessica Alba got the MTV Movie Award for Sexiest Performance. These are just a few of the awards that Sin City won.

Now till one of the bad movies. Do you remember that I wrote about a party night with Jessica Alba movie marathon I should have with some couple of guys I met at a party? Now we have had that Alba Marathon and one of the films we saw was Entourage. I hadn’t seen the movie before, and afterwards I wished that I never had seen it.

First of all, Jessica Alba only had a minor role in the movie. She acted as herself. That was boring. Secondly, the movie was so full of stereotypes and the whole story was boring. I don´t understand why the movie is one of the best rated Alba-movies at IMDB. I don´t recommend anyone to see it. The only one that was good in the film was Jeremy Piven in his role as Ari Gold, a film agent.

Jessica Alba wasn´t the only celebrity in this movie. It was full of famous people that acted themselves. Some of them was David Arquette, Mark Wahlberg, Mike Tyson and Warren Buffett

movie sin city

Picture from wikipedia!

Events that Jessica Alba has been a part of

Hello everyone! I thought that i should tell you a little bit about the different events that Jessica often visit or are invited to. Of course she always look stunning on the red carpet! I know i wrote event but i think it will be mostly awards that she has been rewarded with that I’m going to focus on. Mostly because it is so funny of course!

The awards that Jessica Alba has won are:
2001 Alma Award – Breakthrough Actress of the Year
2001 Saturn Award – Best Actress on Television
2001 TV Guide Award – Breakout star of the Year
2005 Young Hollywood Awards – Superstar of Tomorrow
2006 MTV Movie Award – Sexiest Performance
2006 Scream Award – Sexiest Superhero
2007 Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards – Hottest Jessica
2008 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards – Favorite Female Movie Star
2011 Alma Award – Favorite Movie Actress
2016 Webby Award – Entrepreneur of the Year

As you can se Jessica has gotten some sweet awards during her career and with new movies coming up this year I can only believe that she will get some nominations at least. She got a lot of prices for best breakthrough the year of 2001. She was part of the TV-series Dark Angel and that’s when she began her carrier even more! It wasn’t the first thing she did in the industry as i wrote in my first post. If you have missed it you can read it here. After the Dark Angel series Alba sure got herself that breakthrough she was looking for and started to get some roles in movies. You can read about which movies she has been a part of in my recent post also.

The last award that Jessica got has nothing with movies do to though. The actress has since she became a mom, started her own company that produces non-toxic household products. It was when Jessica and a man named Christopher felt like they didn’t find the best products for their children that they started this company. Since Jessica herself suffered from a lot of diseases when she was young, she wanted her own children to not have to experience that. The company is called The Honest Company and it was inspired by Albas first child Honor. I think it is perfect to include what Jessica has said herself about starting this company and why:

I founded The Honest Company on this idea: Everything that touches you and your family, everything in your home, needs to be nontoxic, needs to be effective and beautiful to look at, and needs to be affordable. -Jessica Alba

True words of wisdom from this amazing woman. If you take a look at the site for The Honest Company you can get a free trial package from the company. Its either a package with diapers or a package with personal care and home cleaning essentials. I couldn’t think anything other from this incredible woman, and that she offers this is truly beautiful. To try out the products and then realize if you like them or not is not something that a lot of companies would offer. I think it is great!

/ Ellen

bottle and belly of pregnant
Non-toxic bottles for new borns

Jessica Alba party!

Recently I was at a party. It was really fun, we sang karaoke and fried different things in a fryer. In the late hours I told everybody about my newly started blog about Jessica Alba and to my great joy some of them asked if they could write a post about Alba in my blog. Do I have to say that it was only men who was interested in this blog? 🙂

Now I look forward to receive a couple of interesting blog posts from these men. But i think it will take some time because they really wanted it to be good. Instead i am going to tell you a little bit about our plans for the future! I hope you think it sounds like a great idea.

One of the men came up with the idea that all of us should have a real party night together and end it with a Jessica Alba movie marathon. We have planned it all in detail and the party night shall start with dinner at a restaurant, then we will move on to the casino and later we will walk to a nigh club nearby for drinking and dancing. Before we head home we buy some quite greasy hamburgers and french fries at a snack bar. Well at home it’s time for the Jessica Alba marathon!

The movies we plan to see are the three ones that have the highest rating at IMDB, except for Knocked Up where she only has a minor role as herself.

As you can see in the list at IMDB Sin City has the best rating of all the movies with 8,1 in rating. So that film is a must to see on our movie night. The next best rating has Entourage and Machete, they both have 6,7 in ratings at IMDB. So I think it will be these three films we are going to choose if nothing unexpected happens. In Entourage she also only has a small role, but that is a kind of movie that we will enjoy together so we will take it anyway.

I am really looking forward to our party night! There’s just one problem, I have never visited a real casino before. I have played some slots online before, but I don´t know how to play roulette or black jack for example. The guys also talked about playing some poker, and that’s nothing I can play
either. So now I have to learn how to play black jack, roulette and poker before it´s time for the party night! I will take help from the information here.

snacks to the jessica alba movie

The movie I look most forward to see is Sin City. I love that film! Except for Jessica Alba
the role list in the movie contains a number of big names like Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis an Elijah Wood. Mickey Rourke won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Mary in Sin City. The thing I like most with the film is black and white theme with the coloring effects.


Answers to the quiz

answers for the quiz

As i promised yesterday, here comes the answers to the Jessica Alba Quiz!

1. Which year is Jessica born?
Answer: c, she was born 1981, april 28

2. Where is she born?
Answer: a, she was born in California in Pomona. But her parents moved a lot and during her childhood they lived in seveal states in the USA

3. Which was her first movie?
Answer: d, Camp Nowhere was her film debut. The movie was released in 1994.

4. For which Tv-series was she nominated for a Golden Globe?
Answer: c, Dark Angel which was produced by James Cameron and Charles H Eglee. She was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2001 in the category ”Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series – Drama” for her role as Max Guevara. She din´t win, the award winner was Sela Ward for her performance in Once and Again.

5. In 2005 she won an award, which?
Answer: b, Young Hollywood Awards in the category Superstar of Tomorrow.

6. In which movie does she play the role as Cam Wexler?
Answer: c, Good Luck Chuck. The movie was released in 2007 and Jessica Alba was nominated to the less flattering Razzie Award for her role as the marine biologist Cam Wexler. She was nominated in two categories, Worst Actress and Worst Screen Combo together with Dan Cook.

7. In which of these films has Jessica Alba not participated in?
Answer: d, We are the Night.

8. What´s the name of the company that Jessica Alba is a co-funder of?
Answer: c, Honest Company that was founded in 2011.

9. She suffers from Asthma?
Answer: a, it´s true. Jessica Alba has asthma.

10. The company Jessica Alba co-founded sells:
Answer: b, supplies for home and personal care. In the assortment you will find diapers, cleaning products, make up and more stuff.

11. She currently lives in:
Answer: d, Beverly Hills in USA.

12. Alba dislike Tequila
Aswer: b, false. Jessica Alba likes tequila and it´s not the only Mexican speciality she likes, she is also fond of nachos.

13. Her brother is an actor as well?
Answer: a, true. Her brother is Joshua Alba and he has participated in both movies and TV-Series.

14. Jessica has tattoes
Answer: a, true. Jessica has several tattoes. For example at her wrist, neck, lower back and arm.

How big fan are you?

0-3 points – Beginner
You are most likely not a fan of Jessica Alba and you have much interesting facts to discover about this complex women!

4-7 points – Okay
You have some knowledge about Jessica Alba and her life and career, but you have still a lot to learn! You have probably just seen a few of her movies and a couple of tv episodes of Dark Angel.

8-11 points – You´re a fan!
You are well updated and informed about the career of Jessica Alba and you´ve probably seen her a lot in movies and TV-series.

12-14 points – Hard core fan
You are a real hard core fan, I don´t think you can be a bigger fan of Jessica Alba.

I hope you all enjoyed this quiz! See you soon.

Jessica Alba quiz!


How much do you know about Jessica Alba the actress? Are you a hard core fan?

1. Which year is Jessica born?
a) 1975
b) 1979
c) 1981
d) 1985

2. Where is she born?
a) California

3. Which was her first movie?
a) Never Been Kissed
b) Venus Rising
c) The Sleeping Dictionary
d) Camp Nowhere

4. For which Tv-series was she nominated for a Golden Globe?
a) Flipper
b) The Spoils of Babylon
c) Dark Angel
d) Beverly Hills

5. In 2005 she won an award, which?
a) MTV Movie Awards, Best female performance
b) Young Hollywood Awards, Superstar of Tomorrow
c) Golden Globe, Best Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture made for Television
d) ALMA Award, Breakthrough Actress of the Year.

6. In which movie does she play the role as Cam Wexler?
a) Meet Bill
b) Valentine´s Day
c) Good Luck Chuck
d) Awake

7. In which of these films has Jessica Alba not participated in?
a) Barely Lethal
b) The Love Guru
c) The veil
d) We are the Night

8. What´s the name of the company that Jessica Alba is a co-funder of?
a) Fair Company
b) Eco Company
c) Honest Company
d) Eco Smart Company

9. She suffers from Asthma?
a) true
b) false

10. The company Jessica Alba co-founded sells:
a) wine
b) supplies for home and personal care
c) flowers
d) furnitures

11. She currently lives in:
a) Toronto, Canada
b) Winnipeg, Canada
c) Canberra, Australia
d) Beverly Hills, USA

12. Alba dislike Tequila
a) true
b) false

13. Her brother is an actor as well?
a) true
b) false

14. Jessica has tattoes
a) true
b) false

In my next blog post I will tell you the correct answers for the quiz! Good luck and don´t cheat 🙂 Please share the link to this quiz if you have a friend who might be interested!

Gift idea

If you have a friend who´s a fan of Jessica Alba, then you can make a personal gift for that person. Make an Jessica Alba memory game and wrap it in a nice little box. In the memory you can use pictures of Jessica Alba, film covers or anything else that´s related to her.

To make the memory bricks more stable, you can glue the printed pictures on a cardboard.

There´s no lack of pictures of Jessica Alba on the Internet! I wonder if any other celebrity has been photographed that many times as she has. If you search on Jessica Alba at google you will be completely awash in images of her. It´s just to pick and choose among them for your memory.

The fantastic thing with Alba is that she looks completely perfect in every image. This is regardless of whether it´s party pictures or everyday pictures. There´s no wonder why people have her as a role model and want´s to copy her style in every detail.

Oops, time flies! Have to sleep now, but check out the blog tomorrow for the right answers in the quiz.

Basics about Jessica Alba

The first time I saw Jessica Alba was in the TV series Flipper, you know the TV series about the dolphin named Flipper. I was really sad when her charachter disappeared in the series in the third season and I stopped watching Flipper.

Flipper was aired for the first time in 1964, and in 1995 they made a modern version of Flipper. It was a really thrilling tv-series with lots of action. For example Flipper the dolphin got kidnapped, key characters got in trouble and bad weather messed things up.

When Flipper first aired in 1995 Jessica Alba was about 14 years old. She acted as a young teenage girl called Maya Graham. This was one of her first roles, but not the first. The first was in Camp Nowhere as Gail, which was her film debut.

Many years has gone since then and now her role list are quite impressive. She has participated in more than 35 movies and 15 different tv series. She has also won a several of awards for her acting skills and has been nominated many times for prizes. It´s quite an impressive performance for a women with two children in the mid 30s.

Alba was born in 1981 in California. She had a very tough childhood since she had health issues and was home sick a lot. Her family was also moving a lot, something that made her feel even more lonely.

List of movies Jessica Alba has participated in:

Year Titel
1994 Camp Nowhere
1995 Venus Rising
1999 P.U.N.K.S.
1999 Never Been Kissed
1999 Idle Hands
2000 Paranoid
2003 The Sleeping Dictionary
2003 Honey
2005 Sin City
2005 Fantastic Four
2005 Into the Blue
2007 Knocked Up
2007 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
2007 The Ten
2007 Good Luck Chuck
2007 Awake
2008 The Eye
2008 Meet Bill
2008 The Love Guru
2010 Valentine’s Day
2010 The Killer Inside Me
2010 Machete
2010 An Invisible Sign
2010 Little Fockers
2011 Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World
2012 A.C.O.D.
2013 Escape from Planet Earth
2013 Machete Kills
2014 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
2014 Dear Eleanor
2014 Some Kind of Beautiful
2014 Stretch
2015 Barely Lethal
2015 Entourage
2016 The Veil
2016 Mechanic: Resurrection

Source: Wikipedia

List of TV-series Jessica Alba has participated in:

Year Title
1994 The Secret World of Alex Mack – 3 episodes
1995–1997 Flipper – 2 seasons
1996 ABC Afterschool Special – 1 episode
1996 Chicago Hope – 1 episode
1998 Brooklyn South – 1 episode
1998 Beverly Hills, 90210 – 2 episodes
1998 The Love Boat: The Next Wave – 1 episode
2000–2002 Dark Angel – 42 episodes
2003 MADtv – 1 episode
2004 Entourage – 1 episode
2005 Trippin’ – 2 episodes
2009 The Office – 1 episode
2013 Comedy Bang! Bang! – 1 episode
2014 The Spoils of Babylon – 4 episodes
2015 RuPaul’s Drag Race – 1 episode

Source Wikipedia